If I would have been raised to believe my feelings were important than here
is what might have happened.The professor might have invalidated my
feelings and tried to talk me out of them and into a relationship with him.
Then if I valued my own feelings I would remain loyal to them and they would
serve as a guide for me. I might have thentold him, "I feel disrespected by
you now, because I have told you how I felt and you did not respect my
feelings. Instead, you tried to talk me out of them."
I might have said "I feel pressured by you." If I had been more aware of my own feelings, I might have even said, "I feel
disgusted by the thought of your touching me." But because I was not raised to express my feelings verbally, and because I
was raised to value grades more than feelings, I did not express disgust.
Had I expressed myself and then been invalidated by him, and had I known the importance of respect for feelings, I might havebeen sufficiently motivated to tell some other people and take some action. Another thing to help your children from getting in such a _________________________________situation --