______________________ Understand how the role of Administrator, Office Manager or Executive Assistant contributes to organisational success
_______________ Build an effective work team
__________ Plan and coordinate workflow and productivity
________________________________________ Identify and manage the stages of change
_____________________________________ Interact with people in ways which reinforce positive working relationships
__________________________________ Show concern for excellence
_______________________________ Manage personal emotions and stress
____________________________ Manage conflict, difficult situations and people with ease
_________________________ Deliver presentations to small groups with maximum effect
______________________ Recruit, select and induct new staff who will work effectively with your team
______________________* Ensures that all correspondence and reports are processed for the City Manager's Office in a timely manner.
____________________* Ensures that the standard office practices and routines of the City Manager's Offices are functioning efficiently on an ongoing basis.
__________________* Ensures that all critical information that may impact upon some City decision
__________________ making process is reported to city management, in a timely manner.
________________* Monitors and coordinates oral and written communication between the City Manger's office and members of the Governing body.
______________* Ensures proper filing and record keeping by accurately entering information in a timely manner consistent with office guidelines.
____________* Coordinates the City Manager's Monthly Report.
__________* Maintains calendars, schedules appointments, receives visitors,
___________screens calls and mail, arranges travel, answers routine and often complex inquiries
_____________for City Administration and often for City Commissioners.
_______________* Prepares routine correspondence on own initiative and assembles data for complex
_________________reports prepared by executive staff.
_______________* Makes minor administrative decisions requiring a wide knowledge of organization,
_____________policies, and practices; often functioning as a liaison for City Administration,
__________resolving some items of a non-technical nature while reporting questionable areas to City Administration.